The National Association of Evangelicals alerts its constituency; to the fact that – secular humanism has infiltrated the life of our nation, the structure of our families, the classrooms of our educational institutions, the ethical practices of our society, and it is often sapping the vital life of our religious faith. The proponents of secular humanism have set for themselves the monumental task of dissuading people from a belief in God, in His Word and in His moral commandments. Such humanists claim that belief in God and His moral law is the highest form of self-deception; hence the world would be better off without God. As a result, men and women stand above God in the universe and develop nonbiblical views about abortion, sexual permissiveness, easy divorce, genetic engineering and euthanasia, which views contradict the claims of secular humanists that they are committed to “the shared joys of family life, love, work and career… to compassionate concern for the entire community of all humankind.”

The humanist calls for unrestricted abortion which will afford people sexual pleasure in human relationships without any rules or boundaries. The call is for the widest variety of sexual activity including free love and homosexual practices. The call favors permissiveness in divorce which will take the lock out of wedlock and the call is to ignore death and its challenge by living for actions and ideals on this earth alone in a world free of God and the alleged myths of Divine Providence. The endorsement of genetic engineering or cloning to help mankind to evolve unto the brave new man of the world is encouraged.

In the face of such secular humanistic expression, the National Association of Evangelicals affirms its faith in the Creator God Who is Jesus Christ the Savior and judge of the world, and Who calls all men and women to repent and believe the gospel of God’s reign in the universe and in His unchanging law. The Christian belief in the observable order in creation is the orderliness of the universe which is antithetical to the haphazard chaotic evolutionary concept. We affirm that human yearning for reality and for meaning can be satisfied only by the knowledge of and a relationship with a personal God who alone can change human nature and liberate from the bondage of self-indulgence and sexual promiscuity.

We affirm that evil in men and women in society can only be overcome by Jesus Christ who died and rose from the dead and is alive for evermore.

We affirm further that the actions of people are not morally neutral but subject to the absolute truths of God Whose holiness and love is embodied in the Ten Commandments of the Old Testament, fulfilled in the teaching of Jesus Christ and interpreted in the writings of the New Testament.

Thus, as evangelical Christians, we declare that biblical sexual morality is binding and not relative to human desires as in the new morality; that the life-long bond of marriage is the will of God and that divorce is not for the Christian family; and that the rights of the unborn child are sacred and not the be determined by the personal desires of the parents; that human life is a gift of God and no one has the right to tamper with it in euthanasia or genetic engineering.

In response to a secular humanism which promises a world where “peace, prosperity, freedom and happiness are widely shared by human endeavor alone”, as evangelical Christians we offer “peace, prosperity, freedom and happiness” in Christ. (Romans 5:6-8, Titus 3:5-7, 2 Corinthians 2:17, Galatians 6:14-15).