The National Association of Evangelicals allows orthodox churches, denominations, networks and organizations of all different backgrounds to unite together as the Body of Christ. Joining the NAE was one of the best things we have done as a denomination. Our membership in the NAE has given us resources, encouragement, fellowship and opportunities for training that we could not have gotten on our own. The NAE has allowed us, a newer and smaller denomination, to feel much more connected to other biblically centered believers than ever before.

Dana Allin
Synod Executive, ECO: A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians

The National Association of Evangelicals offers a refreshing and much needed contrast to forces and voices that would encourage followers of Jesus to splinter and divide. The NAE provides a historically balanced core through which evangelicals respect and honor our differences while accentuating the biblical foundation and doctrinal commitments that we hold in common. The NAE fosters a spirit of unity that bridges and nurtures relationship between many denominations and millions of believers. It also provides a responsible, reliable, and influential voice in addressing major issues that impact our nation. We are thankful for the NAE and pleased to be a member.

Randall Bach
President, Open Bible Churches

The National Association of Evangelicals is the premier organization for articulating an evangelical position on issues that affect our culture. By combining the timeless principles of the Bible with keen insight into current events, the NAE provides a respected and needed voice in the marketplace of ideas.

Jay Barnes
President, Bethel University

For decades the National Association of Evangelicals has provided U.S. evangelicals with a forum for addressing the significant spiritual, moral and societal issues of our nation. It also provides a platform generating meaningful responses from the large evangelical communities to our society. Annual meetings create an atmosphere of collegiality, support and direction among leaders.

A.D. Beacham, Jr.
General Superintendent, International Pentecostal Holiness Church

The Bible clarifies that unity among Jesus’ followers is in and of itself a powerful influence, and also critical for effective evangelical witness. The Scriptures also say that we are to pray for those in governmental authority, and to render to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to the Lord what is his. The National Association of Evangelicals provides leadership, structure and the organic connectedness that the Church needs to influence with a collected voice.

Ed Boschman
Executive Director, U.S. Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches

The National Association of Evangelicals serves a vital and constructive role in providing evangelical cohesion. We need strong voices today, defending what was the cause of the Reformation: the continued reform of the holy, catholic, apostolic church. Thank you for being willing to stand for Christ in these difficult times.

Chuck Colson
Founder, Prison Fellowship

The National Association of Evangelicals seeks to be a voice for the voiceless, a face for the faceless, a home for the homeless, and hope to the hopeless. The core message of the NAE emerges from the truths and teachings found in the Good News; a message that is unrelenting as it is penetrating.

Alan Cureton
President, University of Northwestern – St. Paul

At this point in history, it is vital that the Church speak into the sectors of influence in our nation. God has raised up the National Association of Evangelicals to be a reliable and unifying voice.

Hal Donaldson
President, Convoy of Hope

I commend the National Association of Evangelicals for its support of the evangelical community. Its biblically based positions are cutting across denominational differences and making a positive impact in our nation.

Steve Douglass
President, Cru/Campus Crusade for Christ

The National Association of Evangelicals gets the job done. Their vigorous advocacy is effective and vital as they support the Church of Jesus Christ. While strategically connected to our lawmakers, the NAE team’s missional commitment to biblical theology and evangelical diversity provides unity and strength to Christian leaders and ministries. Their pacesetting catalytic research and prevailing voice place them at the forefront on the issues that matter, providing honest open conversations for the church to engage and resolve issues that no one church or single movement could resolve.

Doug Fagerstrom
President and CEO, Marketplace Ministries

The NAE has been and continues to be a calm, thoughtful, centrist voice in a sea of extremes. It is an evangelical organization that wisely works for the common good and the good of the Church — one of the finest witnesses for the gospel of Jesus Christ in contemporary America.

Mark Galli
Editor in Chief, Christianity Today

The National Association of Evangelicals is the place where concerned American evangelical Christians gather transdenominationally with mutual love and respect, faithfulness to historic biblical Christianity, commitment to worldwide evangelism, involved citizenship and care for the poor and needy. The future is exciting as the next generation takes the lead to apply our historic values to our complex and dynamic culture.

Arthur Evans Gay
Conservative Congregational Christian Conference

The NAE has stood true and faithful to the Evangel. NAE has lifted high the cross of Christ, NAE has declared the Resurrection, and NAE has believed in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Billy Graham
Chairman, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

My support and partnership with the National Association of Evangelicals for 40+ years has been deepened with the increased clarity and balance evidenced by current leadership. Our nation’s present moment calls spiritual leaders who will speak with discernment as advocates for social justice and biblical values, seeking to do so with divine graciousness. The NAE helps the evangelical community do this, always keeping focus on our foremost mission — to manifest the love of Christ as we sound forth the good news of his saving grace and salvation.

Jack W. Hayford
Chancellor, The King’s Seminary
Founding Pastor, The Church On The Way

By educating its sizable constituency, the National Association of Evangelicals promotes understanding of critical issues and also provides an unmatched platform for speaking into policy issues of the day. The influence of the NAE is unmistakable.

Chad Hayward
Executive Director, ACCORD Network

As a former World Relief regional director, I am a strong advocate of National Association of Evangelicals’ mission and effectiveness. The NAE has stood the test of time. It represents a clear and prophetic voice at the intersection of faith and public policy.

Alec Hill
Former President, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

The National Association of Evangelicals provides a significant coming together of evangelical Christians to learn from each other, resource its constituent bodies, work together on common issues in church and society, and to reflect the oneness that we share in Christ, our Savior and Lord. Jesus prayed for the unity of his body (John 17:21), and the NAE is a key association for fostering that unity.

Dennis P. Hollinger
President, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

Before he went to the cross, Jesus Christ prayed in John 17 for the unity of the church. The National Association of Evangelicals’ excellent work in building unity amongst the diverse expressions of evangelicalism in the United States is, therefore, at the center of what is on our Lord’s heart. We in Great Commission Churches consider it a great honor and privilege to be teamed with brothers and sisters in Christ who are part of the NAE. And our hope and expectation is that through the NAE’s noble efforts, Christ’s body will “be brought to complete unity, to the let the world know that God sent [Jesus Christ]” (John 17:23).

John Hopler
Executive Director, Great Commission Churches

By advancing foundational Christian theology, constructive societal impact, and respectful relationships among faith communities, I believe the 30 million-member National Association of Evangelicals is the most effective organization of Christians in the United States today.

Joel C. Hunter
Founding Pastor, Northland – A Church Distributed

The National Association of Evangelicals has played a critical role in speaking on behalf of the millions of Christians who are committed to justice. By virtue of its influence and voice, many churches, denominations and organizations have been strengthened and empowered.

John Jenkins
Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church of Glenarden

The National Association of Evangelicals is a wonderful gathering place for denominations, churches, groups and individuals from the Reformed, Wesleyan, Pentecostal and Charismatic traditions. Celebrating this rich diversity in our Lord Jesus Christ, the NAE gives American evangelicalism a unified voice promoting the gospel and the kingdom of God. In these challenging times, it is also speaking clearly and prophetically for biblical truth to our country and world.

Jeffrey Jeremiah
Stated Clerk, Evangelical Presbyterian Church

As a younger evangelical and new at-large member of the National Association of Evangelicals board, I’m impressed that the NAE is a valuable platform for communicating a strong and vibrant evangelical faith across America. As a representative body of strategic leaders and denominations, the NAE is a reasonable voice of Christian perspective to members of the media, political leaders, academics and among fellow evangelicals as well. The NAE has a historic role of advocating and supporting biblical values and beliefs in our increasingly pluralistic society and culture.

Gregory C.V. Johnson
Founder and President, Standing Together

The National Association of Evangelicals has been a primary force behind the rise of evangelical faith in America. I am grateful for all that they do to strengthen the witness of the church in America and around the world.

Richard Land
President, Southern Evangelical Seminary

The National Association of Evangelicals has a unique role in our country in trying to properly represent evangelicalism today. The word “evangelical” means a lot of different things to different people, and the NAE among other things is attempting to bring definition and clarity to what is meant by evangelical. It holds fast to the unbending and unchanging truths of Scripture, while being involved in relevant issues of our day. The NAE is like a rudder on a ship trying to help steer the Church and our country in the right direction. The NAE is the keeper of the gate in representing evangelicalism in our day, not just to the United States but to the world.

Bill Lenz
Senior Pastor, Christ The Rock Community Church

I have great appreciation for the work of the National Association of Evangelicals. By helping to foster dialogue and cooperation among the body of Christ, this organization is meeting an important need among the Church and throughout the culture at large.

H.B. London, Jr.
HB London Ministries

The National Association of Evangelicals was formed to fill a void of an evangelical united voice. It is still filling that need, and grows louder and clearer every year.

Don Lyon
Illinois Association of Evangelicals

I am grateful to National Association of Evangelicals for their thoughtful and measured response to various critical issues facing our nation. As a result their voice representing evangelicals is respected and heard by our nation’s leaders.

Jo Anne Lyon
Ambassador, The Wesleyan Church

The National Association of Evangelicals is an important voice of the evangelical church in the public square…a much needed tenor of truth, joy and reconciliation in a world that’s become increasingly hostile to the loving gospel of Jesus Christ.

Stephen A. Macchia
Founder and President, Leadership Transformations, Inc.
Director, Pierce Center, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

The National Association of Evangelicals represents some of the best of evangelicalism today. The uniting of Christ’s Church to advance God’s kingdom together.

Kevin McBride
Senior Pastor, Raymond Baptist Church

Years ago I decided to identify with the National Association of Evangelicals, because I concur with its statement of faith and its unified voice is heard and respected in Washington and the media. I have been enriched and rewarded by fellowship with representatives from across the evangelical world; it was a good decision.

Robert W. McIntyre
General Superintendent Emeritus, The Wesleyan Church

These days everyone has an opinion about what an “evangelical” is. Well, the NAE represents the best of us, tens-of-millions of us. We are unified yet diverse, thoughtful yet principled, compassionate yet prophetic. We are thought leaders who’ve helped lay foundations in western culture. We are humanitarians whose universities and hospitals have helped hundreds-of-millions. We are preachers who call culture to truth and justice. We are slow to speak, quick to listen, and there’s not a bigoted voice in the crowd. I — for one — dare not imagine a world without the influence of our National Association of Evangelicals.

Johnnie Moore
President, The KAIROS Company

The National Association of Evangelicals models both conviction and cooperation. When the NAE speaks, it is with careful theological reflection and with a tone that never compromises the gospel of Christ or the mission of the church. As the Body of Christ engages often complex questions facing civil society, it is a blessing to have a strong, unifying, biblically-anchored ally in the National Association of Evangelicals.

Russell Moore
President, Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention

The National Association of Evangelicals brings focus and clarity to the evangelical voice on issues that matter to our community. A strong NAE is good for all evangelicals, and your participation will make the NAE stronger.

Steve Moore
Executive Director, nexleader

In a culture where the term “evangelical” gets thrown around to support all kinds of ideas and behavior, I so appreciate the NAE and its commitment to historic evangelicalism. I’m glad to be on the board of this organization that portrays a fiery passion for the advance of the gospel of Jesus Christ, a firm rooting in the teachings of the Bible, and a fervent commitment to see all believers live in such a way that a watching and broken world sees the love, righteousness and justice of Jesus and the kingdom of God.

Doug Nuenke
U.S. President, The Navigators

Every family needs a kitchen table. The National Association of Evangelicals serves as convener and organizer and switchboard and shaper. It gives to the evangelical world and beyond a much-needed influence.

John Ortberg
Senior Pastor, Menlo Park Presbyterian Church

The National Association of Evangelicals helps national church leaders reason together with honesty and prayer about the work of God’s kingdom in America and the world. Representing a consensus of faithful evangelic orthodoxy, the NAE has an important presence in Washington, D.C., where it speaks the truth of the gospel in the halls of power.

Philip Ryken
President, Wheaton College

Without a doubt, the National Association of Evangelicals stands as the preeminent unifying voice for the millions of born again Americans committed to the cause of his Christ and the building of his kingdom. Via Leith Anderson’s leadership, once again, the NAE serves as a prophetic witness for life, family, religious liberty, stewardship and justice.

Samuel Rodriguez
President, National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference

As the most representative voice of America’s largest religious group, the National Association of Evangelicals exercises broad, significant influence on both church and society. Because its board represents a very broad range of evangelical leaders, the NAE speaks with authority. Its wise, judicial leadership commands great respect. I count it one of the significant privileges of my life to have been involved with the NAE in several ways over many years.

Ronald J. Sider
President, Evangelicals for Social Action

I can think of no better body and network to present the best of what it means to be evangelical. The National Association of Evangelicals presents an ethnically diverse, robust, and deeply biblical understanding of a more authentic evangelicalism. As an African American Evangelical Christian, it is an honor to serve on the board.

Efrem Smith
President and CEO, World Impact
Teaching Pastor, Bayside Midtown Church

The gospel always includes calling men and women to repentance and to trust in faith in Jesus to be born again by the power of the gospel. It is what is central to evangelical Christian belief. And as such, I am happy to be in fellowship with the members of the National Association of Evangelicals who share that passion for calling men and women to the gospel.

Ed Stetzer
Executive Director, Billy Graham Center for Evangelism at Wheaton College

For over 60 years the National Association of Evangelicals has played a dynamic role to help unify churches based solely on biblical values. The NAE is defined by God’s word, not the cultural mores of today’s world. Their voice is invaluable and instrumental in bringing us all together.

Dave Stone
Senior Pastor, Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky

Our membership with the National Association of Evangelicals provides us with a meaningful connection with the broader evangelical community. Under the wise, careful and godly leadership of Leith Anderson we are teamed with many other ministries and are the better for it.

John Stumbo
President, Christian and Missionary Alliance

The National Association of Evangelicals promotes an evangelical connectionalism, accountability and voice for the sake of the gospel.

Don Sweeting
President, Colorado Christian University

The Presbyterian Church in America is part of the National Association of Evangelicals, because it is consistent with our doctrine of the Church. Fellowship and cooperation with other evangelical Christians is consistent with our theology. The NAE enables us to have a wider ministry, and it enables us to have a broader, more effective influence. Our fellowship, interaction and cooperative ministry with our fellow evangelical Christians such as those in the NAE help us to serve Christ and the Church in our challenging times.

Roy Taylor
Stated Clerk, Presbyterian Church in America
Board Chairperson, National Association of Evangelicals

From time to time, we hear extreme or unbalanced voices in the media falsely claiming to speak for all evangelicals. The National Association of Evangelicals counterbalances such extremism with thoughtful responses that properly represent the evangelical Christian community. It is a blessing to meet with Christian leaders who share the mission of making Jesus known for who he really is.

“In a multitude of counselors there is safety,” the Proverb says. Membership in the NAE offers a biblically grounded and Spirit-led environment conducive to sound judgment, mutual encouragement and a balanced approach to the many issues facing Christianity and culture in our modern, complex world.

Joseph Tkach
President, Grace Communion International

The National Association of Evangelicals provides evangelicals across the nation with a proactive leadership in the mist of turbulent moments in our history as human beings.

Gilberto Velez
President, Latino Mega Church Association
Chairman, National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference

For over 65 years, the National Association of Evangelicals has represented the larger Christian community across the nation. Through united efforts, we have been able to accomplish more than any one of us could have done alone. This cooperation will continue to serve us well into the 21st century.

George Wood
General Superintendent, The General Council of the Assemblies of God