Ambassadors are donors who support the mission of the National Association of Evangelicals by making an annual commitment of at least $1,000. These generous supporters are the foundation upon which the NAE is able to play a strategic role in unifying and equipping evangelical Christians. Ambassadors make it possible for the NAE to launch new initiatives, build stronger bridges within and beyond the evangelical community, increase its impact for the common good, and amplify its gospel witness.

Ambassadors commit to:

  • Pray for the mission and impact of the NAE
  • Give $1,000 or more annually
  • Share the NAE’s message of a thoughtful and winsome gospel witness

Benefits include:

  • Insider ministry updates from NAE President Walter Kim
  • Roundtable discussions with NAE leaders
  • Recognition in our materials, including the Evangelicals magazine

Special thanks to our 2020 Ambassadors, the founding members of this new giving community!

Become an Ambassador Today!

There are three tiers within the Ambassador program:

Annual giving of $1,000 and more

Silver Ambassador
Annual giving of $5,000 and more

Gold Ambassador
Annual giving of $10,000 and more

Become an Ambassador today and together we will witness a thriving evangelical community that is equipped to navigate complexity with biblical clarity!