In the light of the tensions, unrest and bloodshed in the Republic of South Africa, the National Association of Evangelicals wishes to express its oneness with our Christian brothers and sisters of all races in that nation and to assure them of our prayers for peace and justice.

Furthermore, we reaffirm our statement on Race and Racial Minorities adopted in 1956, namely: “We are opposed to discriminatory practices against people on the basis of race;” and we reaffirm our resolution adopted in 1965: “We deplore violent means to achieve or to prevent the achievement of civil rights.” It is our firm conviction that the practice of apartheid is an affront to a just God and is contrary to the Bible’s teaching. We lift up to God all the peoples in South Africa that they might resolve their differences by peaceful means in a spirit of brotherhood and love. We will pray and work for a speedy and peaceful end to this injustice in the Republic of South Africa.