The gravity of any crime is measured by the penalty it incurs. We know how seriously God regards sin because He has declared, “The soul that sinneth it shall die.” But even God does not forgive without appropriate penalties. That is why Jesus Christ paid the supreme penalty for our redemption.

The place of forgiveness and rehabilitation of the criminal must not be minimized by those who are concerned with the administration justice. However, concern for the criminal should not be confused with proper consideration for justice. Nothing should be done that undermines the value of life itself, or the seriousness of a crime that results in the loss of life.

If no crime is considered serious enough to warrant capital punishment, then the gravity of the most atrocious crime is diminished accordingly. It follows then that the attitude of criminals will be affected. From the biblical perspective, if capital punishment is eliminated, the value of human life is reduced and the respect for life is correspondingly eroded.

The National Association of Evangelicals believes that the ultimate penalty of capital punishment should be retained for premeditated capital crimes.