A diverse group of Christian leaders — including NAE President Leith Anderson, along with Claude Alexander, John Jenkins, Jo Anne Lyon, Joel Hunter, Jim Wallis, Shirley Hoogstra and many more — issued a statement calling for all Americans to respect the process and outcome of today’s election.

The statement reads, in part:
Having a common commitment to our Christian Faith, as well as a shared love for our country, we, the undersigned recognizing the deeply divisive nature of this election cycle, seek the beginning of the healing of our nation. Above our Democratic, Republican, and Independent political affiliations, we are believers in Christ’s call to be honorable citizens and peacemakers, who seek the prosperity of our nation. We affirm that the Constitution, which guarantees our religious freedoms, allows us to have differing beliefs and opinions, and is the document that maintains the unity and civility of our nation.

The full statement and signatures can be found at Change.org, where others can add their voices in support.