The National Association of Evangelicals boldly asserts the relevancy of the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to the critical problem of civil rights. We point with thanksgiving to Billy Graham’s integrated Easter Sunday (1964) rally in Birmingham.

We believe that the Biblical solution to the problem of race prejudice is through the transformation of the individual by the power of the Holy Spirit resulting in a love for all men.

Recognizing that not all men have thus been transformed, we call upon evangelicals everywhere in the name of the God who loved the world and our Savior who died for all men to support on. All levels of government such ordinances and legislation as will assure all of our people those freedoms guaranteed in our Constitution.

Further, we call upon all churches to accelerate the desegregation of their own institutions both in spirit and in practice and the opening of the doors of all sanctuaries of worship to every person, regardless of race or national origin.