Since communism and Christianity are both life-related movements, the National Association of Evangelicals believes that the church must speak to the subject directly. However, it must be recognized that communism is only one of many avenues through which Satan employs his powers of spiritual wickedness. We must therefore seek to maintain a proper balance in our efforts to meet this threat along with many others which imperil the life of the church.

The “Freedom Through Faith” program endorsed by resolution at the NAE Convention in April, 1961 should be continued and intensified by increasing our efforts on the local level. Our objective in this field should be to establish a new spiritual dynamic based on the Word of God. The dangers of extreme positions are recognized and should be avoided.

The NAE believes that the teaching program of the church regarding communism must have a scriptural orientation and be properly related to the total ministry of the church. The church should endeavor to use this emphasis to call Christians to prayer and the rededication of their lives to God and the fulfillment of their Christian responsibilities. A spiritual awakening in the church and in the nation is the most effective way to combat communism.