WHEREAS, there was introduced on March 26, 1973 and is pending before the Senate of the United States a Bill (S. 1361) for the general revision of the Copyright Law, and

WHEREAS, there is included in this Copyright Bill a provision Section 11 (c) clarifying the right of non-profit organizations under certain circumstances to make for distribution to licensed transmitting organizations phonorecordings of religious music, and

WHEREAS, payment of copyright fees for mechanical recordings of religious music for transmission over broadcast outlets could impose financial demands that would seriously curtail or possible eliminate in some instances the presentation of religious programming, and

WHEREAS, the National Association of Evangelicals, which numbers among its membership more than 36,000 churches of various denominations in the United States, considers that the state of the nation and of the world requires increased rather than decreased religious broadcasting to improve the moral tone and well-being of the nation,

NOW, THEREFORE, the National Association of Evangelicals, at this 31st Annual Convention at Portland, Oregon on May 2, 1973, does hereby support the provision in Section 112(c) of S. 1361 relating to religious broadcasting by non-profit organizations and does hereby urge that S. 1361 be so enacted.