Flourish, a new conference of the NAE, will offer Christian pastors and leaders a space to have hard conversations on the toughest issues facing the Church today. At Flourish, they will be equipped to foster thriving communities and navigate complexity with biblical clarity. 

Flourish will offer: 

  • Dynamic presentations representing rich, diverse and thoughtful evangelical perspectives on difficult issues; 
  • Guided table discussions to reflect and further enhance one’s understanding of challenges and opportunities; 
  • Mentoring by a seasoned evangelical leader who will facilitate table discussions; and  
  • Transformative resources and connections on each topic. 

To flourish is to grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way, especially as the result of a particularly favorable environment.The Flourish conference represents a unique opportunity to reframe evangelicalism in transformative ways.

Our cultural moment is marked by considerable complexity — polarization in our politics, the public disgrace of high-profile evangelical leaders, ongoing challenges of racial injustice, confusion around sexuality, and more. Many are confused and discouraged wondering what the gospel has to say about it all. Furthermore, the evangelical identity has been scandalized by the ways it has been used for political or ideological purposes. Flourish will tackle these issues with wisdom and grace, and will offer a way for us to move forward together.

More information and speakers will be announced soon, but for now, save the dates!