God is moving among young people today, and we are committed to their flourishing as leaders and as followers of Christ. On April 6, join us through prayer and giving to help the NAE empower the next generation as they bring the good news of Jesus Christ in a divided culture.

Next Generation Impact

God is moving among young people today. As we witness the spiritual awakening that is unfolding on college campuses, we are reminded that God is at work in new and fresh ways, and we are called to follow and adapt our ministries accordingly.

Too often, the Church is answering questions this generation is not asking. It’s time to get serious about listening to Millennial and Gen Z voices — to hear the cries of their hearts and how God is at work among them.

The National Association of Evangelicals is where denominations, relief organizations, universities, nonprofits, churches and individuals come together to be more effective for the good news of Jesus Christ.

We are committed to the flourishing of young people, as evidenced through our annual Christian Student Leadership Conference, resource development, participation in initiatives like the Collegiate Day of Prayer, and our engagement with groups like PULSE, the National Network of Youth Ministries and the Fuller Youth Institute. One denominational leader said that he is seeing an “awakening” in the Millennial leaders who attended our Flourish event. They are energized and feel better equipped for ministry.

Still, there is much more that we could be doing and that we could help facilitate. With your help, we will witness gospel transformation in this generation for the next generation! Would you join us on April 6 through prayer and financial gifts to invest in the next generation for enduring kingdom impact?

Matching Gift Challenge

Coming soon! Stay tuned for opportunities to multiply the impact of your gift on April 6. Every gift counts!


Prayer Points

We welcome your prayers throughout the day. Here are a few prayer points to start:

  • In a divisive climate, pray for the NAE to be peacemakers as a unifying force for the gospel, bringing evangelicals from many different traditions together in a spirit of love and collaboration.
  • Pray that evangelicals would be deeply renewed in their love of God and love of neighbor.
  • As our nation grapples with many challenges, pray that God would empower the Church to be a winsome witness and an Influence for Good.


“In a time of great division and confusion, it is vital to stand united in mission with other devoted Christ-followers. The National Association of Evangelicals makes this unity possible. Because of the NAE, we are inspired and equipped to live out our faith with passion, and to boldly give voice to biblical truth that has the power to transform lives, communities and the world.”

Tami Heim

President & CEO
Christian Leadership Alliance