Whereas, the Wage and Hour and Public Contracts Division of the United States Department of Labor is attempting to construe the wage and hour law (Fair Labor Standards Act) requiring minimum wage of $1.00 per hour and $1.50 for overtime as applying to churches, non-profit, charitable and relief organizations the same as it applies to commercial profit organizations, whether involving paid or volunteer workers, and

Whereas, said government agency has already been supported in this activity by the action of the Supreme Court of the State of Indiana, and

Whereas, this precedent unless over-ruled by legislative action, uphold¬ing the rights of individuals to give their services to religious and charitable organizations, as guaranteed by the first amendment to the Constitution of the United States, will nullify said rights; therefore

BE IT RESOLVED by the National Association of Evangelicals that selected proper Congressional representatives be requested by proper officials of this organization to take any necessary action by legislative means or otherwise, to guarantee those freedoms of religion specified in the first. amendment of the Constitution, thus properly interpreting that all churches, non-profit, charitable and relief organizations are and shall be exempt from the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act or any other act or legislation designed in any way to infringe upon those rights of religious freedom or the free exercise thereof; more specifically, that all persons wishing to volunteer their services to any such organizations without charge, or for any limited remuneration, for any period of time, which rights are presently included in the aforesaid first amendment, shall maintain those rights in every degree, and that religious, charitable or relief organizations for whom such services shall be performed may accept such services gratuitously offered, in whole or in part, without coming under the jurisdiction of the Fair Labor Standards Act, all other provisions or applications of said Act to the contrary notwithstanding.