Gambling is a parasite feeding on both the individual and society. . Unhealthy behavior patterns are developed by the person who gambles. The “thrill” element in gambling produces an unrealistic view of life and a distorted concept of personal responsibilities. Gambling has a destructive effect upon the moral fabric of society because of its “something for nothing” philosophy.

The ruse of promoting gambling and lotteries for the purpose of subsidizing education is an attempt to gain respectability and acceptance as an honorable and productive business. However, this has by actual experience proven costly to the public. The contribution to the purported cause has been minimal in proportion to the cost of promotion and administration of the enterprise. In addition the fringe dangers of graft, subterfuge and infiltration by the criminal element make such a program suspect.

The National Association of Evangelicals endorses the principle that public programs and projects should be publicly supported and opposes legalized lotteries. We oppose the weakening of laws to permit state-sponsored gambling.

The National Association of Evangelicals encourages a program of education regarding the evils of gambling by both the church and other community agencies. We also encourage our law enforcement agencies on local, state and national levels the carrying out of their responsibilities regarding the control of gambling.