One of the by-products of the increasing mood of permissiveness in our society is a growing awareness of a community not previously recognized, namely, the practicing homosexuals in our midst.

Whether the result of moral looseness, social instability or physiological change, the number of homosexuals seems to be increasing to the point that both men and women belonging to this company now apparently equal or exceed the number of alcoholics in the population.

The Bible speaks out strongly in condemnation of sin and unrighteousness in all forms. The Scriptures explicitly pronounce judgment on sexual deviance. The first chapter of Romans refers to the guilt of mankind expressed in shameful worship, perverted passions, and corrupted minds.

Nevertheless, we must remember that all men regardless of their offenses need God’s love as manifest in Jesus Christ. All too often evangelicals have both overtly and covertly rejected the person of the sexual deviant.

THEREFORE, we resolve as the National Association of Evangelicals

1. to stand firm in the belief that the Holy Scriptures condemns practicing homosexuality and gives no basis for approving this as an acceptable way of life;

2. to extend the healing ministry of our churches to this group in their desperate need of God’s love;

3. to call upon physicians, psychologists and sociologists who are within the Christian community for expanded research on the cause and cure of homosexuality.