The use of illegal drugs is a major problem in contemporary American society. Cost to the American economy is over $226 billion every year. Use of marijuana, cocaine and other drugs is pervasive among the youth and their use has invaded elementary as well as junior and senior high schools.

Because of biblical teaching regarding the body as a creation of God and because of the suffering, pain and death caused by drugs, and in response to the President and Mrs. Reagan and other civic leaders in our communities who are calling for an all-out war to end this travesty, the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) reaffirms its commitment to support all appropriate efforts to rid our society of this evil.

We further commit ourselves to warn and teach people regarding the dangers of illegal drugs to health, morality, the solidarity and welfare of the family and the community.

We call upon parents, pastors, educators and lay leaders to faithfully teach the ethical principles which will enable individuals to “just say ‘no'” to the use of those illegal drugs available in American society.

We support actions which effectively disseminate accurate information to youth concerning the nature of such drugs and the dangers inherent in each. Such education will have to overcome the media depiction which often gives a distorted image.

Grateful that God has used evangelical ministries to effectively help thousands to gain freedom from illegal drugs, we urge that church leaders become informed about the various treatment programs available–their methods, results and costs–and give effective programs deserved support.

We challenge adults to recognize the need to provide good models for youth in our society. Adults cannot criticize youth for experimenting with illegal drugs when they themselves are dependent on other drugs such as alcohol. The Christian community must do all in its power to build an environment in the home, church and society that will immunize young people from drug dependence.