WHEREAS the United States concept of religious freedom includes separation of church and state which cannot be readily understood or appreciated by people who for a lifetime have been taught that the union of church and state in some degree is a divine imperative, and

WHEREAS the influx of large numbers of such people would increase the tendency to change our concept of religious freedom rather than adopt it, and

WHEREAS the present U. S. immigration laws incorporating the national origins quota system permit the maximum number of immigrants to enter this country who can be assimilated into our society without undermining our Bill of Rights, and

WHEREAS these laws protect our society against infiltration by influences subversive of the American way of life,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the National Association of Evangelicals reaffirm its support of the national origins quota system and the present immigration laws which carry that system into effect.

It is understood that this resolution posits no objection to modifications within the general system to remedy hardship cases.