One of the reasons for the greatness of the U.S.A. has been that its people have shown high regard for law and order. The Christian community recognizes that law and order are essential principles in the divine economy; disregard and disrespect for these characteristics of Christian democracy will only result in revolution and chaos.

Therefore the NAE hereby reaffirms its gratitude to God for our nation and for the American system of government by law.

We pledge ourselves to obedience to the injunctions of Scripture to respect the authorities over us and pray for those in high office.

We further urge that all Americans redeclare their allegiance to all that our nation stands for in matters of national righteousness, recognizing that our nation was born out of the irrepressible desires to worship God according to one’s own conscience.

We deplore the un-American mood which has invaded our society which demonstrates itself as godless, revolutionary and disloyal to the government. We are certain that its continuance will undermine respect for all authority of God and country and eventuate in the utter destruction of all we hold precious in this God-born and honored nation.

We commend our law enforcement agencies who seek to fulfill their divinely endowed function of maintaining peace and safety and offer our assistance and cooperation in every way consistent with Christian principles.

We challenge all loyal Americans to let their appreciation for the U.S.A. be known by every legitimate means. For too long loyal Americans have sat back and watched with dismay the erosion and disintegration of many of our divinely-bestowed freedoms; we have looked on in silence as enemies of our Christian way of life have demonstrated, suggesting to the world that they speak for all of us; we have remained undemonstrative, thereby confusing Christian self-control with indifference; we have not convinced our children that we really care about what is happening to our nation and because of our silence and our lack of involvement we have deprived the new generation of a vision and cause to live for.

Let us, then, fearlessly, yet wisely, declare our gratitude to God and our renewed allegiance to our great nation by becoming more vocal and involved in issues of civic righteousness.