WHEREAS, the motion picture industry has disclaimed its own “gentlemen’s agreement” with regard to a code of ethics in production, and production of increasingly licentious material has been unabated, and

WHEREAS, the Congress of the United States has stated an interest in and legislation toward protecting the interests of society regarding this issue, as stated in S. Res. 242, presented by Senator Margaret Chase Smith, for the establishment of a Film Classification Commission, and

WHEREAS, the National Association of Evangelicals does not consider that such legislation provides the entire solution;

THEREFORE, the National Association of Evangelicals commends the concern of Congress and the F.C.C. regarding this area of distinct need for regulation, and supports the policy of forming guidelines, short of censorship, in the interest of insuring ethical propriety in the motion picture and TV industries.

The National Association of Evangelicals would also commend to its member bodies vigilance of the local level. Individual theatres, and TV stations, transgressing the bounds of social decency in the grade of productions shown, and the advertising for same, should be protested by the citizens, and NAE heartily recommends such action.