As a member of World Evangelical Fellowship, the National Association of Evangelicals has repeatedly called upon signatories to the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights to honor their commitments.

Nepal, a Hindu monarchy of 19 million people, is a signatory of that Declaration. Yet, it is a crime–punishable by up to six years in prison–to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with a Hindu and it is a crime for a Hindu to convert to Christianity. Numerous Christians are now either imprisoned in Nepal, going through trial, being held for undetermined amounts of time, or are undergoing some form of official harassment for sharing their faith or converting from Hinduism.

Accordingly, the National Association of Evangelicals:

-Calls upon member denominations, churches and individuals to pray for the church in Nepal;

-Urges our government to place diplomatic pressure on the King of Nepal, communicating in the strongest terms that these actions are unacceptable;

-Requests that U.S. businesses use their influence to get the Government of Nepal to change its policies toward Christians.