Whereas, the newsstands of the nation are being flooded with indecent and obscene publications which suggest and glorify a libertine or perverted way of life, and

Whereas, publications of the same category are passing through the United States mails in increasing volume, and

Whereas, these publications are reaching the youth of the nation in tremendous quantity, thereby stimulating patterns of thought which abet the already alarming increase in juvenile delinquency, and

Whereas, such publications are in direct conflict with all divinely revealed standards of personal and social morality,

BE IT RESOLVED, that we urge our churches and our church-related institutions to take all possible actions, including cooperative efforts within each community, toward the elimination of indecent and obscene publications, and that we urge our legislators to press for laws especially at the state and local levels limiting this mammoth industry in pornography and stopping its use of the United States mail.