The United States of America has a very important Christian heritage. Many of our political documents and institutions reflect the influence of the Bible and our Christian Faith.

The NAE believes that it is important for American Christians to remind themselves and the nation of our Christian heritage and the related freedoms which we enjoy. We therefore urge our churches and all people of faith to observe and so far as possible, develop measures for the promotion of the following significant events in 1983.

The Year of The Bible. The United States Senate and the House of Representatives passed a joint resolution authorizing and requesting the President to designate this year as a national “Year of the Bible.” President Reagan, in response to the action by Congress, signed the resolution into law, and proclaimed 1983 the “Year of the Bible” on February 3.

National Day of Prayer as a National Day of Prayer May 5, 1983, has been designated by our President.

Constitution Day and Constitutional Liberties Week. September 17, 1983 is Constitution Day, a day for remembrance of the monumental work of our Founding Fathers in creating the document which guarantees the God-given freedoms of Americans including the freedom of religion. September 11-18, 1983, has been designated as Constitutional Liberties Week.