The National Association of Evangelicals recognizes that the Christian family worldwide faces unprecedented challenges. The persecution and pain suffered by many Christian families under attack by atheistic and oppressive governments is symbolized by the Vaschenko and Chmykhalov families, known as the Siberian Seven, who are living in the U.S. Embassy in Moscow.

Faithful disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, who Himself suffered unjustly, know that the Word of God calls them to speak, pray and act on behalf of persons whose right are violated by the regimes of the right or left.

NAE exhorts American Christians to join in prayer and fasting for those whose rights have been violated and to write letters urging that the Soviet government grant emigration visas to the entire Vaschenko and Chmykhalov families so that they can be resettled.

NAE commends the President and the Congress of the United. States for the actions taken on behalf of the Siberian Seven and other oppressed peoples, particularly those who are prisoners of conscience and brothers and sisters in Christ.