Many schools expressly deny the need for moral instruction. Reverence for God as sovereign and sustainer all too often is not being taught nor is His Word, the Bible, honored as a divine revelation for men. In such cases the money of tax paying Christians is being used to support an educational philosophy that can be indifferent or even hostile to a religiously based view of life.

However, it is not enough to deplore a religious and moral vacuum in our educational system which is then filled with secularism, humanism, amorality, and practical atheism.

When a non-theistic theory of the origin of man is taught as fact, when God is denied in history or derided in literary interpretation, when Christian morality is denied a place in sex education, evangelical Christians are constrained (1) to give all possible support to those who protest such invasions of parental responsibility by tax supported educators, (2) to promote the presentations of Christian options.

Therefore, the National Association of Evangelicals reminds all Christian parents, legislators and educators that God has given rights and responsibilities for education to parents. We thus assert our conviction that legislative safeguards for responsible pluralism in education must be provided. We also believe in the right of Christian parents to establish Christian schools that educate their children with a philosophy and pedagogy consistent with their Christian faith.

We will give all possible counsel and support to those who work to keep the focus of education in the hands of the parents.