Whereas, the increase of juvenile delinquency and crime in the United States of America is assuming enormous proportions, and

Whereas, according to the recent Los Angeles survey of the National Association for Better Radio and Television, our youth are being exposed to more crime and brutality on television than ever before;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the NAE concurs with the action of the National Religious Broadcasters favoring a strong appeal to the National Association of Broadcasters and related organizations for the immediate implementation and enforcement of its Code of Ethics and the elimination of (1) all immoral or obscene shows which portray depravity or lack of virtue and which contain lewd, obscene, profane and libelous language and (2) all shows which represent excessive violence bordering on sadism.

FURTHERMORE, BE IT RESOLVED that we oppose the presentation of film clips of the most immoral and violent scenes in these reprehensive shows for advertising purposes, not only because of their evil influence but because the industry is thus involved in the crass exploitation of immorality, crime and horror.