Whereas, the Government of Red China is controlled by an anti-Christian ideology, and

Whereas, it has promulgated a false church, loyal to the Communist ideology, and in opposition to the true church of our Lord Jesus Christ, which is practically driven underground, and

Whereas, it has betrayed humanity by the murder of more than 20 million of their own people and has liquidated other millions in slave labor camps, and

Whereas, it has driven out of their country all missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ and confiscated all of their holdings, and

Whereas, it is not a government of the people, by the people, or for the people but one of tyranny imposed by force and acts of terror,

BE IT RESOLVED THAT NAE express its unalterable opposition to our Government’s recognition in any way for such a regime, as it would be unquestionably immoral and unchristian so to do.