Whereas, there are today tremendous forces at work in both the teaching of political and social philosophies which would undermine our American way of life with its freedoms and individual rights, and

Whereas, these philosophical positions are often expressed in open political attack as well as in subtle, organized sabotage, and

Whereas, the threat to these freedoms and individual rights of persons and groups are further threatened by organized ecclesiastical regimentation, which regimentation is being manifested increasingly within the framework of individual ecclesiastical systems, as well as in certain cooperative church endeavors;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT we reaffirm our belief in the historic American way of life and its freedoms guaranteed under the Constitution with its Bill of Rights which is being violated in many areas, including the following:

1. We view with alarm and deplore the organized propaganda and pressure being brought to bear on local governments and planning commissions to allow only designated churches to be erected in new developments all of which is a threat to the freedom of religion.

2. We look with deep concern upon those pressures corning from organized religious agencies to prohibit the purchase of religious broadcast time, and to control the distribution of time set, aside for religious programs on sustaining public service basis. We reaffirm our conviction of the democratic privilege of any religious group to communicate its religious beliefs through any available channel.