The Church has a special responsibility to the older people which must not be neglected. In our preoccupation with the youth of our day we may be in danger of forgetting our senior citizens.

Persons of all ages should be encouraged to participate in the various programs and activities of the church; and the church should develop a meaningful ministry to those with special needs.

The NAE recommends that appropriate commissions and committees be established by denominations or at the local church level to determine the peculiar problems of the aging. Suitable arrangements should be made to help meet the spiritual, economic, health and social needs of our senior citizens. These arrangements should have the following specific goals and objectives in mind:

1. That each person have an opportunity to receive the ministry of the Word of God on a regular basis. Since we have youth ministers, why not ministers to the aging?

2. That each person have available competent advice and help with economic problems.

3. That each person receive adequate medical attention as needed. In this connection the NAE affirms the right of persons to die with dignity without the use of extraordinary means to prolong biological life. In no case is euthanasia justified.

4. That an effort be made to meet the social needs of each person.