The agony of South East Asia stirs the heart of compassion of a watching world. Christians everywhere are deeply concerned for fellow believers caught in the webs of the sweeping movement of anti-God and anti-Christ forces. The rolls of the martyrs continue to grow at a frightening rate.

At this point as Christians we may feel helpless as to programs and lines of action to which we should commit ourselves. We do not want to lose ourselves in platitudes or give ourselves to ill-founded projects which would jeopardize even more the position of fellow Christians and Christian workers in these areas.

However, as the National Association of Evangelicals we sound the trumpet of the scriptural word that there is unbounded power in believing and earnest prayer (Acts 4:31). With the rising tide of global Christian concern we therefore covenant to:

1. Give ourselves in continuing prayer for suffering humanity and evangelical believers in Southeast Asia as we have for other areas of the world.

2. Dedicate a specific period each week to urgent petition for God’s grace to be with these peoples even if need be to the martyr’s crown of life. This we must do in our family devotions, in our personal intercessions, in our corporate prayer groups.

3. Participate wherever we can in any area and through available channels with financial resources and, where possible, personnel for the needs of suffering humanity.