Moral leadership is crucial in the fight against AIDS, TB and malaria — three diseases that claim 2.65 million precious lives a year. The National Association of Evangelicals joined with 210 other faith-based leaders to urge Congress to support $2 billion for the Global Fund in fiscal year 2024.

Since its founding in 2002, the Global Fund and its partners has saved 50 million lives since 2002. In that time, the death rates for AIDS, TB and malaria have been reduced by more than half in countries where the Global Fund invests. In particular, death rates from HIV/AIDS have fallen by more than 70 percent over that time.

The Global Fund in design and practice prioritizes the poorest and most marginalized. It also has proven experience in fragile, crisis zones worldwide that face layered threats like disease, hunger and violence. In Ukraine, the Global Fund has surged millions in emergency funding for HIV and TB services, mitigating disruptions to care and helping millions of displaced people weather health challenges.

“As every human, made in the image of their creator, is of equal, immeasurable value, the Global Fund promotes their chance to survive and thrive in very measurable ways,” the letter states.

Along with NAE President Walter Kim, signers include Pastor Rick and Kay Warren, Steven Curtis Chapman, Jo Anne Lyon, Santiago “Jimmy” Mellado, Johnnie Moore, Samuel Rodriguez, Gabriel Salguero, Michael W. Smith, Jim Wallis, and many more.

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