The NAE notes with deep gratitude to God the recent Congress on the Church’s Worldwide Mission held at Wheaton, April 9-16, 1966, involving nearly 1,000 delegates from conservative-evangelical mission societies, schools, and related mission-interest groups, coming to Wheaton from 75 countries; and commends the EFMA and IFMA for its foresight, wisdom, and manifest desire for an expression of unity in the body of Christ and in the worldwide mission of evangelism that led to the call for such a Congress.

The NAE rejoices that the Wheaton Congress reaffirmed the evangelical conviction that the Bible is the inspired, authoritative, inerrant Word of God, and that on the authority of the Scriptures, the church must preach the Gospel of God’s redeeming grace throughout all the world.

The NAE also goes on record as opposing the challenge to the unique character and finality of biblical Christianity coming from contemporary Protestant movements that boldly repudiate the Gospel revealed by God, that propagate a neo-universalism, that substitute inter-church service for aggressive evangelism, that blur the biblical distinction between “church” and “mission,” and between Romanism and Protestantism.

The NAE prays that the spirit of unity so much in evidence at Wheaton will continue to be manifest that the world may believe in Jesus Christ whom God sent to be our Saviour and whom we acknowledge as our divine Lord.