As evangelicals we view with profound alarm the increasing tempo of assault against the moral defenses of society. The cultural centers of many American cities are becoming cesspools of filth. Obscenity in its worst forms is sent through the mails with apparent impunity. Nudity has become open and flagrant on the motion picture screens of the land. At home sex vies with irreverence for domination of our television screens.

With equal alarm we view the disinterest of responsible citizens in the changing moral climate. Some clergy have devised new moralities, sometimes with the sanction of their churches. Some approaches to youth, both within and without the churches, have been characterized by moral permissiveness in the name of new and strange theologies.

In our public schools various programs of sex education have stirred public interest by substituting undisguised frankness for dignified restraint in the instruction of even small children. Many of these programs introduce sex in clinical biological detail, but without accompanying moral considerations. Some of the courses in current usage expressly deny the need for moral instruction and guide youthful sexual behavior.

The National Association of Evangelicals calls on all Christians to recover and bear witness to the unchanging biblical bases for private and public morality. We further urge all Christians to resist the assault upon the moral foundations of our culture, by voicing vigorous protests against filth whenever possible; by opposing public school sex education courses without moral guidelines; and by supporting movements among youth and adults dedicated to the restoration of decency in our time.