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Evangelicals need trusted leaders who will unify rather than divide them, guide them in applying the whole teaching of Scripture to pressing issues of the day, and model civility, compassion and self-sacrifice on a daily basis.

That’s why encouraging, resourcing and empowering evangelical leaders is of utmost importance to us, especially during times of polarization and confusion. Examples include:

Denominational Executives Retreat

Confidential setting for denominational executives to share one another’s burdens, encourage and pray for one another, and form meaningful relationships.

Christian Student Leadership Conference

Since the mid-1950s, the NAE has been hosting this annual event for college students to explore public policy issues, careers in government or public service, what it means to be engaged citizens and how to bring the light of Christ into the public square.

Evangelical Chaplains Commission

Support and endorsement for evangelicals to minister as chaplains in the military and in civilian capacities. Connects and represents the chaplain ministries of 37 denominations and over 3,000 chaplains, making it the largest representative body of chaplains in the U.S. Armed Forces, Veterans Administration and the healthcare industry.

Crisis Support

The NAE provides timely and targeted support for leaders facing critical challenges of the day, facilitating creative problem-solving and seeking to build unity across the evangelical spectrum.

Recognizing how crucial it is to have trusted and consistent leadership for the evangelical community, we seek to continue our work with leaders by providing even more opportunities for safe and confidential fellowship, training, facilitating conversations about best practices, and strategic support for specific areas of ministry.