Joining the NAE connects you to the larger body of Christ in practical and symbolic ways. As an NAE member, you have access to a wide range of curated resources, unique training opportunities, a national network of like-minded organizations and institutions, and representation to policy makers. Furthermore, NAE membership is a way of actively contributing to our Christian unity.

Our vision is a thriving evangelical community that is equipped to navigate complexity with biblical clarity. We strive to make our members strong and effective, influence society for justice and righteousness, and gather the many voices of evangelicals together to have a greater impact for Jesus Christ and his cause.

As evangelicals, we believe the gospel should transform every aspect of our world. But it takes coming together to make that happen.

When your institution joins us, you give greater voice to the gospel in our society. Leading in complex times can be really difficult. We seek to encourage and equip your community and leaders with resources, connection, and influence, so we can stop seeing a divided church with a weakened witness and instead see the gospel touch every aspect of our world.









For individuals who seek to partner with us…

We invite you to become a financial supporter today. Your charitable gifts are essential to fulfilling our mission. By giving to the NAE, you are making a strategic investment in a movement with far-reaching impact, much broader than a single institution or organization can have.

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“I am a strong advocate of National Association of Evangelicals’ mission and effectiveness. The NAE has stood the test of time. It represents a clear and prophetic voice at the intersection of faith and public policy.”

Alec Hill

Former President, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship