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Grounded in the gospel’s implications for human flourishing, the NAE seeks to transform social and political engagement from a “culture war” mindset to a winsome presentation of biblically-based values and a commitment to the common good.

We do this primarily in four ways:

  1. Represent evangelical concerns to national leaders through letters and meetings with Congress, the White House and federal agencies, and amicus briefs to the courts.
  2. Participate in coalitions to advance causes that are central to the NAE’s mission.
  3. Provide policy updates and guidance to our members and supporters about important opportunities for engagement on both individual and corporate levels.
  4. Contribute to the public debate and help to shape public opinion on key issues through placement of opinion pieces, articles and interviews in print, broadcast and social media.

In 2021, the NAE:

  • Promoted evangelical acceptance of the coronavirus vaccines and necessary public health measures to bring the pandemic under control. Our work countered the myth that evangelicals are anti-science.
  • Successfully advocated for Congress to pass an expansion of the child and earned income tax credits. The child tax credit is credited with reducing child poverty (as measured by family income) nearly in half.
  • Successfully influenced President Biden’s administration to increase the refugee admission threshold from 15,000 to 125,000. This increase provides the capacity for a robust U.S. resettlement response to the Afghanistan crisis.