Whereas, we as Christians recognize our biblical duty to teach our children; and as citizens of the United States recognize today that mothers and fathers desire a hope and a future for their children; 

Whereas, public schools were founded as one of the means of educating future generations to be capable of assuming their responsibilities as citizens, discover truth and develop moral character;

Whereas, the churches and all people of faith have an opportunity to assist local schools and communities to secure a safe learning environment, academic excellence, meaningful parental involvement, and community participation;

Whereas, Christian churches need not only to provide for the spiritual well-being of children, parents and educators within their congregations, but also need to see their involvement in local public schools as part of the churches’ vision;

Be it resolved, as followers of Jesus Christ, we accept the responsibility to love all children as we love ourselves, and to pray for children, educators and public schools;

Be it further resolved, that we recognize and accept our opportunity as Christians and citizens to build constructive relationships with local public schools, to pursue avenues of support for those involved in public education and to encourage and disciple public school teachers, administrators and students.

Be it further resolved, this emphasis on public education is not intended to compromise the value nor question the validity of private, Christian, or home schools.