In John 10, Jesus explains that he has come to offer abundant life. Roland Warren, president and CEO of Care Net, joins Today’s Conversation podcast to share how Jesus’ vision for abundance impacts and transforms pro-life ministry. He also argues that Christian discipleship is at the center of this issue.

Hosted by NAE President Walter Kim, this conversation provides insight into what pro-life ministry looks like in a post-Roe context, how the sanctity of marriage and family upholds God’s vision for those inside and outside the womb, and what we can do to support family structures.

You’ll also hear: 

  • How the story of Jesus’ birth reflects God’s design for family;
  • What critiques of the pro-life movement need to be addressed;
  • What initiatives support strong family structures; and
  • How holistic discipleship empowers people to think differently about abortion.

Read a Portion of the Transcript

Walter: You talk about a pro abundant life ministry, not simply a pro-life ministry. What do you mean by that?

Roland: It’s interesting. It’s not like marketing or trying to be different, but it actually comes from John 10:10 where Christ said that he came so that we might have life and then have that life abundantly. When I started at Care Net, God downloaded that verse into my brain, and I just began to meditate on it, look it up in Greek and really try to understand what Christ was saying in that moment, and there’s a number of things he’s saying there because that is Jesus’ “why” statement.

When you look at that verse, he’s talking about two types of life. He’s talking about physical life, if you will, where the Greek word is bios but he also was referring to a spiritual life, zoe, a unique type of spiritual life that only comes from a relationship with God. So essentially what he’s saying is, “I came to link your bios to my zoe that you might have abundant life.”

When I started to think about that in terms of the life issue, I said, “My goodness, Jesus wasn’t pro life. He was pro abundant life.” Because see, you can be an atheist and be pro-life because you’re solving for the life, the heart beat and saving a baby, and again, that’s God-honoring and we should be doing that. But as Christians, we should be solving for heartbeats that are Heaven-bound. That’s the distinction — heartbeats that are Heaven-bound, or in other words, linking bios to zoe.

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