Deconstruction is not simply a buzzword, but a reality that many Christians — especially young people and people of color — experience. Some deconstruct due to the dissonance they see between faith and how faith is lived out. For others, it is misunderstandings of theology or poor public witness.

In Today’s Conversation, Lisa Fields, founder of Jude 3 Project, shares how her own faith was challenged and how she is committed to helping Christians — particularly in the Black community — know what they believe and why.

Host Walter Kim, NAE president, and Lisa also discuss:

  • What is required to reconstruct faith;
  • How to develop a posture of humility and openness with people who hold different beliefs;
  • What apologetics topics are especially salient for Black Christians today; and 
  • How Lisa thinks about renewal among Black Christians and the Church at large.

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Walter: This notion of contextualizing culturally was right from the get-go. Contextualizing culturally but also with respect to this idea of contending for the faith. What are the particular topics within the Black community more broadly that you are seeking to contextualize?

Lisa: I think this idea is Christianity for everyone, specifically is Christianity a white man’s religion. That is one of the questions we are wrestling with, does God care about black people, what is the problem of evil but it obviously takes different shapings in our context, in the Black context but I think the primary one that we constantly grapple with when we go to historically black colleges and universities when we talk to older and younger people is is Christianity for everyone, is it just a white Eurocentric religion.

…One of the major challenges is the history of this country and how slave owners use to use Scripture particularly Paul’s words and Peter’s words “slaves submit to your master” to oppress people. I think no other narrative comes to mind that better articulates this than when you read Howard Therman’s “Jesus and the Disinherited” and he tells the story of his grandmother who he would visit in Daytona Beach, Florida every summer and she would have him read Scripture to her. He noticed that she would have him read the Gospels, Psalms and he wanted to read Paul’s letters. He said “Grandma, why won’t you let me read Paul’s letters?” She said, “My slave master used Paul’s words against me and I vow to never read him again.”

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