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For nearly two decades, evangelical Christians across the political spectrum have used “For the Health of the Nation” to apply biblical principles to complex issues. Now, in partnership with RightNow Media, we have an 8-session video series that brings the content to life through dynamic biblical teaching.

Each teaching session (about 10-15 minutes) is complemented by a discussion guide that will enable small groups to have rich conversations as they go deeper into God’s Word. Christians will not always agree on the specifics of governance or the best roads to social transformation, but as part of holistic discipleship, we need to know how to apply biblical principles to the issues of our day.

NAE President Walter Kim hosts the series with teaching from five Christian leaders and pastors.

Session 1: Preserving Human Rights | Nicole Martin
Session 2: Protecting Religious Freedom & Liberty of Conscience | Ed Stetzer
Session 3: Pursuing Racial Justice & Reconciliation | Gabriel Salguero
Session 4: Seeking Justice & Compassion for the Poor | Eugene Cho
Session 5: Promoting Just Peace & Restraining Violence | Ed Stetzer
Session 6: Safeguarding the Nature & Sanctity of Human Life | Nicole Martin
Session 7: Strengthening Marriages, Families & Children | Gabriel & Jeanette Salguero
Session 8: Caring for God’s Creation | Eugene Cho

The series is available for FREE through an NAE portal on the RightNow Media platform. Make plans to incorporate this series in your church small groups, college classes and adult education opportunities.

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