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We know how hard it can be to follow Christ in a complex and ever-changing world.

The NAE provides resources, connections and influence to help evangelicals foster thriving communities and navigate complexity with biblical clarity. As evangelicals, we believe the gospel of Jesus Christ should transform every aspect of the world. It takes coming together to make that happen.

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Discover Resources

Our resources — including articles, podcasts, publications, statements, videos and more — are designed to inspire and inform your voice and ministry.

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The NAE connects you to a broader network of evangelicals who are united by faith and to leading voices in and outside of the evangelical community.

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Healthy Church, Vibrant Witness

While most evangelical pastors serve with integrity, too many stories tell of leaders who have failed to reflect biblical standards or of deep-seated conflicts within congregations. A fresh commitment to humility, integrity, transparency and Spirit-led accountability is vital for today’s gospel witness. Learn how some churches are seeking to lead in accountability and faithfulness.

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