Read the NAE statement on the recent violence in Israel and Palestine Arrow

At the National Association of Evangelicals, we are grieved by the violence and loss of life in Israel and Gaza. We join with Christians around the world in praying for an end to fighting and for a just and lasting peace in the region. We believe that God is sovereign at all times and that he acts in response to his people’s prayers.

As noted in the NAE’s public policy guide, “For the Health of the Nation,” we must “pray for, support and constructively critique government leaders who bear these responsibilities [to promote just peace and restrain violence]. As followers of Jesus, we should model and promote mutual respect that leads to just transformation of conflict across boundaries of nation, tribe and religion.”

Please join us in praying:  

  1. For a restoration of order and security throughout Israel and Gaza. 
  2. For the leaders of Hamas to cease any further terrorist attacks on Israel. 
  3. For the leaders of Israel to focus on defense of the Israeli people and not on revenge. 
  4. For the protection and safe return of all who are being held hostage. 
  5. For the healing and restoration of all who have been injured and traumatized by the senseless violence. 
  6. For comfort for all who have lost loved ones. 
  7. For those who feel that violence is their only option and for those who feel powerless and vulnerable. 
  8. For protection and strength for those providing vital treatment, care and relief. 
  9. For guidance for all who are involved in diplomacy to end the immediate conflict and prevent any external efforts to provoke continued violence. 
  10. For the restoration of conditions in both Israel and Palestine in which the longer-term issues of sustainable peace and justice for all can be addressed. 
  11. For the strengthening and witness of the Church in Israel and Palestine. 
  12. For the world — that even today, people in this region and across the globe would choose to follow Jesus, who is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

In the midst of such suffering, grief and devastation, we join with the Prophet Isaiah in looking toward the day that: 

He will judge between the nations
   and will settle disputes for many peoples.
They will beat their swords into plowshares
   and their spears into pruning hooks.
Nation will not take up sword against nation,
   nor will they train for war anymore (Isaiah 2:4). 

Read the NAE statement on the recent violence in Israel and Palestine Arrow