In a world full of division and partisan politics, it can be difficult to know what to think and how to speak up. We believe the Bible speaks to the most challenging issues we face as a nation.

For more than a decade, evangelical Christians across the political spectrum have used “For the Health of the Nation” to apply biblical principles to complex issues. As a resource for Christian discipleship, it is designed to encourage thoughtful evangelical engagement as we work together for the health of the nation. The document has been the policy guide of the National Association of Evangelicals since 2004.

“For the Health of the Nation” provides a biblical basis for the following principles:

  • Protecting religious freedom and liberty of conscience
  • Safeguarding the nature and sanctity of human life
  • Strengthening marriages, families and children
  • Seeking justice and compassion for the poor and vulnerable
  • Preserving human rights
  • Pursuing racial justice and reconciliation 
  • Promoting just peace and restraining violence
  • Caring for God’s creation

While these issues do not exhaust the concerns of good government, they provide a platform from which evangelicals can engage in common action.

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