“Loving the Least of These” was originally published in 2011. A revised version with updated science and examples will be released this summer. Stay tuned!

Drought and famine in East Africa, landslides in Malaysia, and torrential rains in Nicaragua — an initial listing of recent natural disasters — leave us heartbroken for those most affected: the poor.

We rally behind relief efforts and support on-the-ground disaster teams, but we recognize the inadequacy of our response.

We are concerned about projections that environmental changes — including more severe natural disasters — threaten the lives and well-being of more and more people, and particularly the extreme poor.

With this in mind, the NAE asked some Christian sisters and brothers to share their knowledge and experience regarding the relationship between the changing environment and poverty.

Dorothy Boorse, Ph.D., associate professor of biology at Gordon College, analyzed the scientific data, collected reports from development workers, and summarized the reflections of theologians to create a discussion paper, “Loving the Least of These: Addressing a Changing Environment.”

The document was reviewed by two dozen Bible scholars, professors and evangelical leaders. The result is a resource that we hope will inspire serious conversation among evangelicals on this important topic, regardless of their views on climate change.

Contributors to the publication include:

Leith Anderson
Chris Shore
Ken Wilson
Thomas Ackerman
Galen Carey
Jo Anne Lyon

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