In the aftermath of what is believed to be the largest mass shooting on a U.S. military base, the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) expresses its deep sadness for the loss of lives on the Ft. Hood base this week. The NAE joins together in humble prayer for the victims, their families, Maj. Nidal M. Hasan, and his family. 

“In times of unexpected tragedy, we turn to our faith for comfort and healing,” said Leith Anderson, President of the NAE. “We also pray for wisdom as family members, loved ones and all Americans look for answers in the events leading to this dark day.”

A tragedy caused by the act of one individual should not be compounded by generalizing actions to a culture, ethnicity or religion. The NAE calls on all Americans to build stronger relationships of understanding and reconciliation with their neighbors of different faiths and backgrounds.

Chaplain Paul Vicalvi, Executive Director of the NAE Chaplains Commission, said, “We should be clear: The actions of this one man do not reflect the beliefs or values of the vast majority of American Muslims.”

Capt. Chris Moellering, an NAE chaplain who is stationed at Ft. Hood, spent a number of hours on Thursday at the hospital with wounded soldiers and their families.

“We were all taken aback at first, but we did what we always do. We went to the families and where we were needed,” Moellering said. “The chaplains always work together. Differences don’t matter. We pull together to provide the comfort and hope that is needed.”