Many religions, theories and philosophies focus on self and self-improvement. The American Christian culture has, at times, reduced the gospel to an individualistic transaction rather than an all-encompassing transformation of all things. As the Great Commandment and Great Commission drive us forward, we must recover the social dimensions of the gospel’s reach.

Derwin Gray, pastor of Transformation Church and author of “How to Heal Our Racial Divide,” joins NAE President Walter Kim on Today’s Conversation podcast to discuss how a gospel that doesn’t affect the world in all its social implications is a deformed gospel. You’ll learn:

  • Why Jesus’ work on the cross is about more than substitutionary atonement for individuals;
  • How our response to racial injustice reflects our understanding of the gospel;
  • What responsibility the Church has for today’s tensions; and
  • What is needed for evangelicals to move forward on racial reconciliation.

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Walter: This is really challenging, because you’re bringing us to a place in which we really have to see faith touch upon every square inch of existence, and that the kingdom of God is really this expansive. Yet there are times in which we face this vision, this call, it’s beautiful, it’s compelling but honestly at times it feels incredibly exhausting. Leave us with a final thought as we conclude. What would, in our moments of wondering exhaustion, what final thought would you leave for us to keep us encouraged in this work?

Derwin: Whenever I find myself super exhausted, it’s because I’ve tried to do things in my own power. My exhaustion reminds me I’m not a big deal. My exhaustion reminds me that Jesus never called me to do this in my own strength, but I’ve been crucified with Christ. It’s Christ who lives within me; though I live in this body, it’s by faith and the Son of God who love me and gave his Son for me. So my encouragement to you is this, the greatest work of ministry that Jesus wants to do is not through you, but to you. The fruit of his work in you will be produced through you.

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