WHEREAS, we believe that the teachings of Christ are violated by discriminatory practices against racial minorities in many, if not all, sections of our country; and

WHEREAS, we believe that the propagation of the gospel is hindered in many foreign countries by these practices, and

WHEREAS, we believe that many from these minority groups in our own country are alienated from the gospel by these actions,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the NAE reaffirms its belief in the teachings of Jesus Christ, including His emphasis upon the inherent worth, and intrinsic value of every man, regardless of race, class, creed or color, and that we urge all our constituency to use every legitimate means to eliminate unfair discriminatory practices, and that, therefore, we deplore extremist tactics by any individual or organized groups. We believe that those in authority, political, social and particularly evangelistic Christian groups have a moral responsibility to work effectively and openly for the creation of that culture of life which will provide equal rights and opportunities for every individual.