Unmarried sex with contraception is not God’s plan, but unmarried sex without contraception is not a plan at all. If holy living is not the choice of some in the near term, contraception can at least reduce some potentially devastating results (including abortion) for all in the long term.

Joel Hunter, Senior Pastor, Northland, A Church Distributed


Contraception is a product of human ingenuity that may be used by Christians to plan families and preserve a woman’s health. Education and discernment are vital in making choices that honor life, benefit a woman’s health, and strengthen the marital relationship.

Jenell Paris, Professor of Sociology, Messiah College


I embrace the view that a marital sexual relationship should have life-giving potential; something is relationally and morally off-target if there is not openness toward producing children. Nevertheless, there is nothing wrong with the use of morally acceptable and effective methods that prevent conception in order to temporarily prohibit the possibility of getting pregnant.

Stanton Jones, Provost, Wheaton College


I believe that contraception is acceptable for Christians to use under the following conditions: The method prevents fertilization rather than implantation; the reason for use is good stewardship of resources, relationships and ministry rather than selfishness and increased standard of living; it is mutually and prayerfully chosen by husband and wife.

Jay Barnes, President, Bethel University


After praying over this for years, having six children, and counseling many, I believe children are the greatest gift God gives us. Unless specifically directly by God for health or other reasons, I believe we should let the Author of Life have his way. Hence, I am generally opposed to artificial methods of contraception.

Ron Boehme, Director, Youth With A Mission U.S. Renewal