Since family systems are important for nurturing healthy individuals and overcoming poverty, public policy should support families and marriages. Throughout the Bible the family is central to God’s vision for human beings and human society.

The National Association of Evangelicals commends bipartisan proposals to offer greater support to families by strengthening and making permanent improvements to the Child Tax Credit. Children are a gift from God, and a blessing to our nation. Parents who invest in nurturing children and raising the next generation need and deserve our support. The Child Tax Credit efficiently provides support directly to families rather than establishing new government programs.

In today’s economy, many essential workers are poorly paid. Even childless workers in low-wage jobs struggle to pay for food, shelter, medical care and other necessities, and often remain mired in poverty. The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) upholds the dignity of work and lifts millions of low-income Americans out of poverty as they acquire job skills and experience that increase future earning potential. We urge support for proposals that strengthen and make permanent improvements in the EITC.

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