The National Association of Evangelicals reaffirms its opposition to gambling and lotteries, including those run by the government. These are socially, morally and economically destructive. They are rooted in covetousness and violate the biblical work ethic.

We believe that gambling in any form is potentially addictive. It is a social evil that feeds upon greed and sells a set of fantasy values that exploits people. It harms especially the poor who can least afford to forfeit their financial resources on the promise of instant wealth. The tragic end result is often deepened poverty and increased welfare rolls, to say nothing of the emotional damage and disillusionment experienced by the vast numbers of planned losers.

Gambling undermines the economic base of a nation in that it reduces the purchasing power of the people. Money gambled by wage earners cannot be spent to purchase goods and services of constructive and productive businesses.

Compulsive gambling causes the individual’s character to be weakened and to disintegrate. It leads to indolence and self-delusion, breaks up families and can lead to crime, loss of jobs and even suicide.

Since we deplore the exploitation of the weakness of humanity, the National Association of Evangelicals calls upon all who are in positions of influence and decision-making to seek other means by which to raise revenue. We further call upon churches and schools to conduct programs that will inform people of the evils and dangers of gambling.