Leith Anderson, NAE President, and Galen Carey, NAE Director of Government Affairs, wrote an open letter to all U.S. Senators calling for support of the Nelson-Hatch amendment to the proposed health care reform bill. 

Dear Senator,

The National Association of Evangelicals (NAE), representing more than 45,000 congregations in 40 denominations and in all 50 states, respectfully requests that you support the Nelson-Hatch amendment to the proposed health care reform bill. This amendment maintains the current prohibition against federal funding of abortions.

The broad bipartisan support for the similar Stupak-Pitts amendment in the House as well as recent polling data demonstrates that, whatever their views on the legal issues, a solid majority of Americans do not want the federal government to be in the business of paying for abortions.

The Nelson-Hatch amendment protects the conscience of those opposed to federal funding of abortion. It does not prevent anyone from purchasing abortion services or supplemental coverage with their own funds.

If the Nelson-Hatch amendment is not included in the bill, the National Association of Evangelicals will vigorously oppose passage of the final bill.


Leith Anderson

Galen Carey
Director of Government Affairs