Steven Eng, NAE advocacy director, sent a letter to key decision-makers, urging them to safeguard funding for faith-based ministries and charitable organizations that play a pivotal role in aiding migrants and asylum seekers at the border. The letter highlights the crucial contribution of these ministries in bringing order to a situation that would otherwise be more chaotic.

Amid ongoing efforts to reform the asylum application process and expedite its timelines, the letter emphasizes the significance of upholding American values rooted in due process and the protection of individuals escaping persecution. Recognizing the complexity of the current migration crisis, the letter calls for a comprehensive, multifaceted response that respects the inherent dignity of every human being and America’s responsibility to provide refuge to those in need.

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Dear Members of Congress,

As you negotiate agreement on temporary and permanent FY24 appropriations, please do not include any provisions that would prohibit funding of faith-based ministries and other charities that partner with the government in serving migrants and asylum seekers. The work done by these ministries helps bring order to what would otherwise be an even more chaotic border situation.

For years you have been a champion of allowing government to partner with faith-based organizations where they offer the best and most efficient service providers. Barring funding to these vital groups would set a terrible precedent.

While working on reforms that would enable more timely processing of asylum applications, please protect the fundamental American values of due process and protection of those fleeing persecution. The current migration crisis is complex and requires a multifaceted response. But it must be addressed in a way that honors the God-given dignity of every human being, and our particular responsibility to offer refuge to those fleeing persecution.

Our prayers are with you as you work within and across party lines to come to agreements that will bless our nation and uphold our values.


Steven Eng
Advocacy Director
National Association of Evangelicals